In 2010, The LED was established, sprouting from the entrepreneurial vision of Richard Albanesi. His mother, Alcione Albanesi, had previously owned a lighting company but chose to sell it to fully dedicate herself to her social project. Leveraging his extensive experience in the LED technology market, Richard took the reins, giving birth to The LED. At that time, costs were still prohibitive in the Brazilian landscape. Thus, The LED adopted the innovative approach of renting panels for renowned artists’ concerts, trade shows, and corporate events. This initial chapter provided the company with deep knowledge, essential to shaping what it is today: a leader in comprehensive solutions, distinguished by its technological excellence and unparalleled quality.

Our services range from project conception to installation, content, software, and maintenance. Staying at the forefront, The LED achieved significant milestones. In 2012, it pioneered by installing a megabanner at Villa Lobos shopping mall. We introduced innovative transparent LED panel technology and revolutionized Brazil’s storefronts. Our audacity also resulted in the world’s largest LED panel at the Rio-Niterói Bridge toll booth and Latin America’s largest LED tunnel at Cidade Jardim Shopping.

We ventured into incorporating LED panels into vessels in Brazil and inaugurated the first interactive LED tunnel at an airport in Latin America. An additional highlight was the creation of residential lift panels, providing a premium visual experience inside homes.

Furthermore, we expanded our capabilities by acquiring a metal structures company and establishing an in-house 3D content agency and a software development division. This synergy enables us to provide complete 360-degree solutions to our valued clients. Numerous awards, including the prestigious POPAI and coveted Caio Awards, attest to our quality and pioneering spirit. Driven by hard work and the ability to learn from challenges, we experienced rapid growth of 35 times between 2018 and 2022. Today, we extend our reach beyond national borders, serving the Brazilian, Portuguese, and American markets. As advocates for the greater good, The LED is committed to supporting cultural projects through sponsorship and contributes directly to the NGO “Amigos do Bem.” We express deep gratitude for the journey we have undertaken and for the clients who, over the years, have placed their trust in The LED, allowing us to deliver remarkable projects.


To facilitate communication between individuals, brands, and companies through memorable experiences that not only leave a lasting impression but also generate tangible results.


We firmly aspire to the position of a global leader in impactful visual communication. Our unwavering pursuit of excellence in execution and dedication to impeccable quality in every project guide us. Through this commitment, we aim to achieve impactful and lasting results for our valued clients.


We are driven by the trust we place in our team and partners, by the constant pursuit of perfection, by the unwavering integrity that permeates all our actions, by the courage to explore new territories, by the responsibility we take in everything we do, and by the innovation at the core of our approach.