• Desafio: Having modern and innovative media spaces for advertising in Carrefour stores. The project was developed and tested collaboratively with the client to find the best solution for advertisers that would provide impact and high visibility.
  • Solução: Assembly and installation of three THE CUBE displays at the store entrances.
  • Resultado: THE CUBE is already assembled in 28 stores and entering the second year of the contract.

Sam's Club

  • Desafio: Providing a LED panel advertising solution for prominent and highly visible locations at Sam's Club stores.
  • Solução: Installation of LED panels with special formats at the ends of shelves in Sam's Club stores. Customers entering the stores are immediately impacted by the messages displayed on the large LED panels.
  • Resultado: It generated much more visibility for the campaigns, as the panels greatly highlighted the displayed products. The advertiser benefited from increased impact and message quality, and Sam's Club was able to expand its premium advertising spaces.