CJ Shops

  • Desafio: The client's idea was to inaugurate a unique and high-end shopping center in São Paulo. With so many shopping centers in the city, the challenge was to make the commercial center in the upscale neighborhood of Jardins stand out with a unique visual appeal and offer the surrounding community positive experiences with the arrival of the development.
  • Solução: Transforming the windows of the development into living frames with brightness, movement, and elegance using transparent LED panels, THE GLASS. Panels of different sizes were installed in 21 windows.
  • Resultado: Conhecer as janelas do CJ Shops se tornou uma experiência tanto de dia quanto à noite. Afinal, suas 21 janelas com vídeos diferentes do mesmo tema compõem uma exposição em movimento a céu aberto.

Barra Shopping

  • Desafio: Attract the attention of the audience arriving at the shopping center with relational messages.
  • Solução: Installation of a mega panel THE OUT with 84m² (one of the largest installed in Rio de Janeiro) with extremely high resolution and brightness on the shopping center's facade.

Outlet Premium

  • Desafio: Digitize the media circuit of the four developments located in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Brasília with LED panels.
  • Solução: Development of a digitization project for each outlet according to the objectives and revenue possibilities of the locations.
  • Resultado: Creation of a complete digital circuit with the adoption of high-definition LED panels spread throughout the development, providing more impact and visibility for advertisers.