G4 Education

  • Desafio: Providing the best business education for entrepreneurs in Brazil, not only with high-quality content but also through the use of LED panels to enhance the learning experience.
  • Solução: The idea of using LED was because it's a technology that offers flexibility and premium quality, which is exactly what the company was looking for. Two LED panels were installed in the company's office in Vila Olímpia, providing support to the students who attend the space.


  • Desafio: Developing a digital visual communication project for Santo Remédio Pharmacy's concept store in Manaus that would be innovative and visually impactful to delight customers and attract advertisers.
  • Solução: Installation of circular LED panels at the top of columns inside the store, creating a modern and enchanting effect that perfectly matched the pharmacy's concept! On the day of the inauguration, the pharmacy already had all the advertising spaces available on THE LED panels.
  • Resultado: More visibility, more visitors, and more sales!


  • Desafio: At the beginning of the quarantine, there were numerous live streams of various genres, and competition for viewership was very high. Therefore, Chitãozinho and Xororó's main goal was to make the live stream innovative and offer a different experience from the common live streams that were happening. To achieve this, the idea was to bring in a virtual band to connect people in a way that they would feel like they were truly at a live concert.
  • Solução: The largest LED panel ever assembled for a live stream was installed, measuring 60 square meters, with direct interaction with the virtual band. The sounds of each instrument played by the musicians were transmitted live directly through the panel, all in complete synchronization and harmony with the songs being performed. In addition, the colors and effects radiated from the panel, creating an atmosphere characteristic of Chitãozinho and Xororó's live shows.
  • Resultado: The live stream had 53,894 views on YouTube and a very satisfactory reach in fundraising for charitable institutions. Furthermore, it gained prominence in articles published on news portals such as Estadão, UOL, and Caras as the most innovative live stream.


  • Desafio: Launching the first physical store of MOBLY while maintaining the digital shopping experience combined with the opportunity for customers to verify the design and quality of the products.
  • Solução: We installed THE GLASS showcases, which allow for the viewing of the store's interior, THE WALL panels for signage, and also THE GLASS walls and a totem at the entrance. For the online shopping experience in the physical store, we also installed THE TOTEM self-service kiosks.


  • Desafio: Increasing customer foot traffic in the store.
  • Solução: Using digital visual communication to capture the attention of passersby for the store. Creating digital showcases on the sides of the store entrance with THE WALL panels installed directly on the wall.


  • Desafio: The client's goal was to modernize and increase the visibility of the store, which is located on one of the main avenues in the capital of São Paulo.
  • Solução: The solution was to create an LED showcase inside the establishment, with three panels installed, one of which was set at a 45-degree angle on the corner, allowing a clear view of the content from different angles.