• Desafio: To develop in partnership with architect Fábio Sato from Takano Kawahara, the disruptive visual communication project using LED panels for Riachuelo's first concept store at Morumbi Shopping. The proposal was to provide a memorable shopping experience by offering Digital Solutions that would enable interactivity and personalization in both Visual Communication and the consumer's shopping journey in the store.
  • Solução: To address the client's objective, the idea was to expand the concept of visual communication by using LED panels to convey the brand's entire content and storytelling, present clothing collections uniquely, engage customers within the store, and create a "wow" effect for those approaching the store at the point of sale (PDV).
  • Resultado: The results were incredible! The flagship store became a reference point for the brand's network because, with the implementation of technology, the omnichannel strategy achieved its ultimate goal: integrating the physical store with the digital universe.

C&A Iguatemi

  • Desafio: To collaborate with C&A on a project to modernize and digitize the visual communication of their concept store at Shopping Iguatemi, transforming the shopping experience into something playful and interactive.
  • Solução: Creating playful and integrated communication at the store's entrance with LED panels on columns. In each department, LED totems and gateways contribute to setting the customer's mood by presenting collections in a unique and impactful way.
  • Resultado: Much more dynamism and interaction with customers and more sales opportunities for the store.

C&A Mindset

  • Desafio: Launching the MINDSET brand through offline channels without losing online audience engagement.
  • Solução: Bringing the engagement of social media content creators and bloggers to the physical store with LED totems. The design of the totems is specially developed for C&A to complement the spaces, while the management system allows for the constant updating of social media posts.
  • Resultado: Greater visibility, perfect product presentation, and a beautiful branding and awareness campaign. In addition to boosting sales, the integration of totems with the store brought a beautiful visual and design aspect to the shop.


  • Desafio: The client aimed to enhance the experience of potential customers in their strategic Christmas marketing campaign in 2019, at the Av. Paulista store in São Paulo. The campaign had to be completely interactive, engaging, and inviting passersby to enter the store for an Instagram-worthy experience involving brand-influential bloggers.
  • Solução: To address this challenge, a 3.9 mm LED panel was installed in the store window displaying an interactive call to action. The bloggers put together outfits from Marisa's end-of-year collection, and these outfits were broadcasted in the store's window with the hashtag #celebremais. With this initiative, people were encouraged to participate so that their outfits could also be showcased in Marisa's main store window and reposted on social media.
  • Resultado: The campaign was a success, and the Instagram-worthy window display created at the iconic Av. Paulista store in São Paulo had a very satisfactory reach of participants. It underscored the significance of digital in Marisa's overall communication strategy.